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Types of Softening Resin


There are two general types of ion exchange resins: those that exchange positive ions, called cation resins, and those that exchange negative ions, called anion resins. A cation is an ion with a positive charge. Common cations include Ca, Mg, Fe, and H. A cation resin is one that ++ ++ ++ + exchanges positive ions. An anion is an ion with a negative charge. Common anions include Cl, SO, and OH. An anion resin is one that exchanges negative ions. Chemically, both types - -- - 4 are similar and belong to a group of compounds called polymers, which are extremely large molecules that are formed by the combination of many molecules of one or two compounds in a repeating structure that produces long chains.

Catalytic exchange media is a ceramic coated resin that has a catalytic reaction with the calcium, lime, and magnesium and it puts it into a crystal form, once it reaches the size of a nano meter it breaks away from the resin bead and flows down the water system. After the pipes in your home are descaled the crystals will form a 30-micron layer on you pipes not allowing anything to form. The calcium, lime, and magnesium remains in the water, these minerals are healthy minerals. Molecular nanotechnology engineered medias are not self-sacrificing and do not add or take anything from the water. This molecular nanotechnology is not to be confused with chemical reactions where new chemical bonds are created, or the redox process which uses up. The media has a nano surface with ordered atoms creating a template. With a contact time of less than 3 seconds calcium crystals are formed from the dissolved calcium. The result is 100% scale prevention.

Compare Water Softeners

Water softeners do not remove contaminants, such as chlorine, chloramines, THM's, VOC's, SOC's, they are designed to address hard water issues.
It is recommended that a whole house water filter be coupled with any water softener.

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