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Methods of Cleaning


The most effective cleaners for removing existing scale include Simple Green, lime scale remover, CLR, and Lime A-Way. Be sure to follow all manufacturers directions when using any of these products.

It is also recommended that phosphate free dishwashing detergents like- 7th Generation, Method, Electrasol that allow the water to heat dry without leaving any spots on dishes or glassware. Another great suggestion is using Rain X to cause a sheeting action on glass shower doors or areas that water splashes. A sheeting action allows the water to slide sown the surface without leaving any hard to clean deposits behind.

Dishwashers especially stainless steel dishwashers can show build up on the inside walls. To clean the dishwasher jets and walls it is recommended that you put white vinegar in the soap dispenser instead of soap. White vinegar will clean the scale deposits on the walls and also clean out the jets. Depending on how much build up is present, this process may have to be repeated.

It is important to understand that no matter what type of water softener you choose, cleaning will be necessary. The amount of cleaning and spotting can depend on the types of cleaners and soaps being used. Certain types of soaps and detergents work better than others with treated water. Always remember that there are many solutions for hard water issues, but there is not a total cure for hard water.

It is also recommended that hot water heaters be flushed annually to remove any sediment that may have accumulated in the hot water heater tank.

Compare Water Softeners

Water softeners do not remove contaminants, such as chlorine, chloramines, THM's, VOC's, SOC's, they are designed to address hard water issues.
It is recommended that a whole house water filter be coupled with any water softener.

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